The origins of DraftPak

The DraftPak was born in the garage and mind of Colin Elwell, a beer loving inventor in Lawrence KS.  One day, years back, Colin found himself enjoying a cold glass of beer and he had an epiphany “I like beer and building things, so why not make a better system for tapping kegs- one that’s simple.”  He knew other systems existed for tapping kegs and cooling beer, but he wanted to create one that didn’t have the drawbacks of the other products.  His goal was to create a system that not only worked better than everything else, but also looked good and was easy to use.  From there, the desire and idea was born and he sketched out his design.  Colin went on to spend time prototyping and developing the product in his garage and there was no turning back- he was on a mission.  Once he had a working prototype, it was just improving, improving, improving until he created the best keg tapping system in the world.