Is the DraftPak hard to setup?

You definitely don’t need to be an expert to setup and use the DraftPak, we’ve designed it to be simple for anyone. It can be setup and ready to use in just a couple minutes.

How quickly does it start cooling?

Right away.  Inside the DraftPak, the beer travels through 50 feet of ice cold stainless steel tubing so by the time it hits your glass it’s perfectly chilled.

Will it cool down beer from a room temperature keg?

You bet!  That’s one of the reasons why the DraftPak is so great.  The keg doesn’t have to be cold.  A keg that i’s 70F will have the beer cooled down to about 39F by the time it comes out the tap.

What types of kegs is the DraftPak compatible with?

US Domestic- Sanke style kegs. It will not work with many import kegs that have different connection as well as pin lock or ball lock kegs. If your keg has a unique shape this could also cause a problem. In general though, any standard keg is compatible.

What size kegs are compatible?

All traditional sizes- ½ barrel, ¼ barrel (pony keg), and 1/6 barrel.

Does the DraftPak include a CO2 tank?

A CO2 tank (24oz Paintball tank) is included with the “Complete Pak”

Where do I get the gas?

Your local gas/welding supply shop should have a full tank to sell you.  They will also be able to exchange your tank when you need to refill.  Other businesses such as paintball/sporting stores and home-brew shops might also be able to sell you and fill your CO2 tank.

What size CO2 tanks work?

2.5LB Co2 tanks and 5LB CO2 tanks work as well as paintball CO2 tanks w/ an adapter.

How many kegs will it serve before the CO2 needs to be refilled?

A full 5LB CO2 tank should serve 6 full sized (1/2 barrel) kegs.  A 2.5LB tank will do about 3.  A 24oz paintball tank will serve about 1.5 kegs.

How much ice does it need?

We’ve found that about 10 pounds of ice and then enough water to fill to the top of the coil works best.

How do I clean the DraftPak?

There are draft cleaning kits on the market and we plan to have some available through our site.  It is important to clean and flush the DraftPak after it’s used so it’s ready for your next event.  At the very least, it should be flushed with clean water after each keg.