The Perfect Solution For Any Business Serving Draft Beer:


The DraftPak makes it easy for caterers to serve keg beer in a variety of settings.  The sleek design lends itself to both casual and formal events.  Many caterers dislike serving draft beer due to the need for special equipment.  Now caterers have any easy solution with the DraftPak.  The easy setup can be done in just a few minutes and the efficient design means very little waste.  

Using the DraftPak makes us look more professional and stand
out against our competition.”    
Jane- Embrace Catering


Breweries know how important it is to have the right equipment when it comes to serving their beer.  With all the events going on, often at the same time, it can be hard to have everything you need.  Luckily with the DraftPak breweries finally have a way to make things easier.  For all those events needing one or two kegs, the DraftPak is the best way to pour.  One person can setup a DraftPak in less than a minute making setup a cinch.  But hey, if you like hauling bulky jockey boxes everywhere, you do you.  

“I love our DraftPak. It always pours great and it’s my number one option for serving beer outside of our brewery. It’s light, portable, self contained, and easy to set up. We have a jockey box to pour multiple beers at festivals, but when we need to serve a single brand at an event I grab the DraftPak everytime.”


            Sam Mclain- Head Brewer Lawrence Beer Company. 

Event Spaces:

Whether it’s a birthday party or a wedding reception, the DraftPak is a great addition for event spaces and venues to have on hand.  The portability of the DraftPak allows venues to setup a draft beer station anywhere.   Make extra money by selling more beer or make extra money by renting the DraftPak to your customers-  the DraftPak quickly pays for itself.   

“We are so pleased with our DraftPak system that was purchased for our commercial event space.  It has certainly been a great investment that allows us to serve a larger variety of beers to our clients.  When hosting private events, it is very important that we can tap kegs and have them ready to serve quickly, and the DraftPak fits the bill as far as easy and quick.

  Jennifer L.- Director at Cider Gallery

Golf Courses:

Beer and golf have a close relationship and the DraftPak is here to help make it even stronger.  The DraftPak is easy to take out on the course and setup a beer station wherever you want.  And because the DraftPak is so good at cooling the beer down as it’s poured, you can serve cold beer on even the warmest days. 

“We purchased the DraftPak this spring in preparation for our on-course, tournament beverage service.  We wanted a way to host cold beer in any location away from the Clubhouse.  It has met and exceeded our expectations and our members absolutely love it.  Not only does it make serving our members much easier, it has also helped us control our cost of goods by utilizing kegs instead of our other options.”

                J. Taylor.- Shadow Glen Golf Course

Liquor Stores & Rental Shops

Having an premium option for customers who purchase kegs can separate one store from another.  Many liquor stores sell kegs and only have cheap hand pumps available even though kegs are often purchased for special events.  Customers often want a better option and the DraftPak is the perfect solution.  The DraftPak is easy for customers to rent at the same time they purchase a keg and quickly becomes an additional revenue source for liquor stores.  It only takes a few rentals to pay off the cost of the DraftPak.